With the Emotion Code®/The Body Code™ we identify, release, and corrects imbalances

Our bodies, both the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual part of us, have an intelligence that knows how to heal, return to balance/homeostasis. It is clear when we cut our finger and we can see how it heals. But it is not all that we can witness with our eyes, but it can still be experienced in different ways as symptoms, feelings, thoughts. It's about energies. Events, stresses we have experienced in our lives - and maybe even events before we were born - can energetically remain in the body and help to block the healing processes.

The Emotion Code®
Emotions are energy and each emotion has its own vibration. We know our emotion, our feeling, they have their function, give us thoughts and create action. Then it is meant to be processed and the energy to disappear. But sometimes the vibration of the emotion gets stuck in the body's energy field and can create emotional and physical stress. This can cause us to overreact, misinterpret or short-circuit different situations. They can create depression, anxiety and other unwanted, uncomfortable feelings. They can also create an imbalance in the body's organs and tissues and contribute to pain, fatigue, inflammation and other symptoms. With The Emotion Code® we identify and release these trapped emotions quickly and easily. No long conversations or analyzes are carried out beforehand. This is a fantastic complement to other treatment methods.

The Body Code™
With The Body Code™ app, we have the tool that can help us identify what creates an imbalance in body and mind. With communication with the subconscious in the form of muscle testing, it guides and decodes where in all the body's systems they are located. Is it in an organ? Are there poisons that affect? Is it about trapped emotions? Are meridians or chakras out of balance? Is it in the muscles or the bones? Is it a mental energy haunting? Or something else? And all the time we will check if there is an imbalance that affects the imbalance. It gives the opportunity to find the root cause and release, correct it energetically. By energetic is meant that we use a magnet and intention energy force over a meridian path. This is also a fantastic complement to other treatment methods.

Most sessions are done online via zoom, as we can create an energetic connection and communicate remotely with the subconscious part of us. This is where all information about us is stored. It's like when you go to a repair shop with your car these days, and they connect a computer to the car's system and find out how what doesn't work. We use muscle testing to find imbalances. We recommend several sessions as this is often a process that the body goes through and may need time to heal, process. Taking it in portions is often better than all at once. Between 3-10 sessions are recommended. What imbalances can we focus on in a session? It could be anything!

For example, it can be about a sprained foot, self-image, exhaustion, relationship, upset stomach, allergy, fatigue, pain, aches, rashes, joy of life, success, habit, addiction, spirituality, body image, goal achievement, sadness, despair, cough, sinus problems, trauma or something else that you experience is not working or is uncomfortable in your life.

“Anything can cause anything”” Dr Bradley Nelson

What can you experience after a session? When the body lets go and tries to restore balance, some or none of these reactions may occur in the process:

  • Can mildly feel the emotions that were released
  • Pain disappear or come back
  • Get tired, want to sleep
  • Sweating, change in smell
  • Dream a lot
  • Old symptoms may reappear
  • Altered sleep rhythm.

Or something else. Any reactions are individual.

The Emotion Code/The Body Code does not make medical diagnoses or is a substitute for medical treatment in healthcare. The Emotion Code/The Body Code is not made to cure or treat an illness.

30 min. session€50
At 30 min session we use the time effectively to identify and release blocking energies.
60 min. session€90
At a 60 min session, we have the opportunity for in-depth study and can combine The Emotion Code/The Body Code with PSYCH-K.
Bundle: 3 sessions à 60 min.€250
Bundle: 3 sessions à 30 min.€130
Bundle: 5 sessions à 30 min.€250
Bundle: 5 sessions à 60 min.€420

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