NADA protocol

 The NADA protocol
NADA is a standardized program for auricular (i.e ear) acupuncture. It is used all over the world as a supplement to treatment of addiction such as (alcohol, drugs, smoking, tranquilizers, sugar, food, work, sex, etc). NADA can reduce cravings, abstinence and discomforts under a detoxing period. The NADA treatment has a very calming and balancing effect on the body. It is also good for stressed people or for those with hormonal imbalances.

How does the NADA treatment work?
 The therapist puts five needles in each ear of the client. Each needle is put in a standard position which is the same for all. The treatment can be done for a single client or for a group of clients. It can also be combined with zone therapy. It is not necessary to have “symptoms” or to be addicted in order to have NADA. It is a non-verbal therapy and you don't have to explain why you want it. That is why you can have treatment in a group. If you want, you can have this treatment several times a week. Treatment takes about 45 minutes.


The price for a treatment with the NADA Protocol is 250:- .

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